Typography Piano



40 years of experience.

The company, which is spread over an area of 3.700mq,

It has been structured to provide its customers with the highest number of services in one place.

Our client has the opportunity to follow his work throughout its progress:

from graphic design to layout, from the first print to final packaging.

All pre print, print and finishing process take place within the company, this allows in terms of quality and time an optimization of the work.

Our in-house graphic studio makes use of the presence of experienced professionals that combine aesthetics and functionality to provide you with a project created just for you.

Typography Piano operates throughout Italy including islands and abroad, with favorable economic agreements of transport.


Professionalism thanks to the constant and increasing desire to stay current on new technologies,

to provide long and recognized experience.

Skill in selecting employees, materials and above all the experience gained in the entire processing cycle.

Fantasy creativity in combining aesthetics and communication, all it complemented by a direct relationship with the customer.