Bag in Box Box Wine

The Tipografia Piano produces and sells directly Bag In Box – BoxWine
complete with bag with 2 / 2,25 / 3 /5 / 10 / 20 liters capacity with generic or customized design even starting from small quantities.


Innovative, convenient and ecological, the BoxWine Bag In Box system is a practical and economical solution
to maintain the freshness
of wine and many other liquid products such as oil, fruit juices, milk and water.

Simple, safe and carefully designed, the BoxWine is a clear example of a product that can be recycled in all its components, reducing size and costs.

Here is a clear example:
1 BoxWine by 10 LITERS equates to a saving of 13 bottles of 0.75 lt + 13 labels + 13 caps + 13 capsules + 2 boxes 13-bottiglie-baginbox-10

All the boxes, excluding the 20 liters, are self-priming or do not need to be glued, and they are produced with highly resistant cartons.

The bags supplied by us of high quality are double-cell and with dispenser cap.